REMEMBER: Scarlet and the Trickster front cover copyright © 2018 Mariah Calley

Scarlet has begun to remember things.

Not things from her own life. But the memories of her guardian, Loki.

Loki, the eight thousand-year-old trickster god.

But it’s not just memories. Something else haunts the edges of Scarlet’s mind, the face from her nightmares, the ancient sorceress who brought her back from the dead four years ago, who should control her mind—but doesn’t.

REMEMBER: Scarlet and the Trickster cover copyright © 2018 Mariah Calley
REMEMBER cover copyright © 2018 Mariah Calley

As Scarlet learns to navigate her new life on Loki’s world, surrounded by Djinn, and Harpies, she finds her mind pulled toward the thing she most fears. An encounter, in fire, and darkness.

This is the second book in the Scarlet and the Trickster series. The series centers around Scarlet Fielder, a human girl transformed by an ancient sorceress into a Leviathan, or dragon – an immortal monster designed for the sole purpose of killing other immortals. But Scarlet is also the only Leviathan that the sorceress, Tiamat, apparently cannot control. Why? And how long will her freedom last?

For more information about the characters, mythology, and the inspiration behind the series, check out the description of the first book in the series: RISE.



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